Theatrical Physiotherapy: Children happy to dance and act

Project name: Theatrical Physiotherapy, a pilot project for rehabilitation and social reintegration of disabled children.

Project location: in rural areas of Central Province of Kenya.

Donors : Regione Friuli Venezia Giulia

Duration: 2012

Description : The project has expanded the services offered to disabled children in rural areas of Kenya, by the introduction of Theatrical Physiotherapy (physiotherapy through the preparation and performance of a play) in addition to the normal treatments carried out in local rehabilitation centres, initially at the “Naro Moru Disabled Children’s Home”. Socio-rehabilitative therapies such as “theatrical physiotherapy” facilitated the reintegration process combining physical therapy activities enabling the development of self-awareness, sociality and creativity. This therapy supported the rehabilitation of the body and the rehabilitation of the person, essential aspects to re-gain a position in a rural community.